extremism & populism

The Spanish Deadlock

29 December 2015

Lucie Coufalová [1]


Since 1982, the Spanish lower chamber has been dominated by two strong players, the centre-left PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers Party) and the centre-right PP (People’s Party). Hence...

Open Debate about Refugees and Law

7 December 2015

The open debate on the topic of Refugees and Law was held at the Faculty of Law, Masaryk University, Brno on 3rd December 2015.  The debate started at 4 pm in the auditorium of the Faculty of Law.


Short-termism after Parliamentary Election in Portugal

9 October 2015

Jitka Doležalová [1]


Nobody supposed that the results of an autumn parliamentary election in such a small country as Portugal can trigger an avalanche of further fragmentation of party systems in many...

The Story of Graphic Design

1 October 2015

The world of extremism and populism is the world of symbols. As you can see on our homepage, there terms usually represent things and feelings which are part of our everyday life. They include tools which...