extremism & populism
Apr 29

Old and New Forms of Populism in Central Europe Conference

Our research team´s expert, Vlastimil Havlík, took part in conference Old and New Forms of Populism in Central Europe. The conference was held in the CEVRO Institute in Prague on 28th April 2016.  In his talk, Vlastimil Havlík focused on the conceptualization of populism. He paid attention to Central Europe and the growing popularity of populist parties during the political and economic crisis. The conference was result of the cooperation the International Institute of Political Science, Masaryk University; the Institute for Public Affairs; and Hanse Seidel Stiftung.

Read more: http://www.cevroinstitut.cz/cs/akce/stare-a-nove-formy-populismu-ve-stredni-evrope/